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About us

Flow Environmental Systems is a US-based engineering company bringing commercially viable and environmentally responsible HVAC&R technologies and solutions to the North America market.

Our Why


To decarbonize and detoxify the built environment.

We accomplish this by eliminating the need for the fossil fuels and synthetic refrigerants that are presently used to heat and cool homes and businesses using standard HVAC systems. We replace these systems with clean, electric heat pumps, whose thermal flows are made possible by safe, efficient and naturally-occurring CO₂. Our technologies, which enhance heat pump efficiency and broaden the range of ambient temperatures where they are effective, are proprietary and registered in the US under two patents (pending).

Our vision

A world in which people and planet co-exist in harmony instead of as adversaries. Changing the way that we manage our built environment is urgent - Our children and grand-children’s futures depend on it.

Our Mission


To leave the planet in a better state than we found it.

Although we may be top engineers, HVAC experts, refrigeration innovators, renewable energy producers, manufacturing optimizers, financial and organizational strategists we are first, all parents or parents-to-be who love and care for their families and their welfare.


Innovators with technical, operational, financial and start-up expertise


Flow is different

As an owner-managed company we live Flow’s purpose, vision and mission to innovate, engineer and commercialize green solutions for our clients and our world.

We never have and never will design or supply a solution that does not reduce our client’s carbon footprint and/or mitigate adverse impacts on the planet’s natural resources.


Our unique value proposition

Flow’s CO Heat Pumps are the most efficient on the market, generate the hottest water (180°F) and create no net CO emissions from operations. Unlike competitor systems that use synthetic refrigerants, they do not emit the harmful “forever chemicals” that are fast accumulating in the planet’s water resources and are known to be harmful to humans and other animals.

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