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Helping you clear the air.

Experts in environmentally responsible HVAC&R systems.

Who we are

Flow Environmental Systems is a US-based engineering company bringing commercially viable and environmentally responsible HVAC&R technologies and solutions to the North America market.


The Built Environment has a very substantial carbon footprint that is not being managed downward.

“Property emissions are a combination of two things. The first is the day-to-day running of a building: energy used to light up, heat or cool homes, office blocks and shopping malls. The carbon produced in this way is “operational”, in the vernacular, and accounts for 27% of all annual carbon emissions globally.” 

The Economist, June 22, 2022

Why Flow?

Flow has developed and patented a better heat pump. It is more efficient, can operate effectively in wider ambient temperature bands, and has a quicker payback than current heat pump alternatives.


It is environmentally friendly using natural CO₂ as a refrigerant that neither contributes to global warming nor emits poisons in the form of PFAs like HVAC systems using modern synthetic refrigerants.

Flow Logo


Heat Pumps. Chillers. Boilers.

Answr CO2 Heat Pump
CO2 Heat Pump | Flow Enviro Sys
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Multiple Modes of Operation.

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